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Plastic Bottles Bowling

Posted by Nelson 24/08/2017 0 Comments

The goal of Bowling is to bring down a set of bottles with a ball. This is a very fun and competitive game, especially when played by two or more players.

To play bowling at home you will need the following materials:             

  • 10 bottles (yoghurt, water or juice);
  • Ball;
  • Basket or box;
  • Paper.

Arrange the playing area by positioning the bottles upright in the shape of a triangle. Draw a line on the floor to mark the position from which to launch the ball.Be sure to leave a distance of at least two meters between the line and the bottles. Before you start knocking down the bottles, arrange the players into teams and decide who plays first.

The purpose of the game is to throw a ball rolling on the floor to knock down as many bottles as possible Each game consists of five rounds and the player can throw the ball two times in each round The team that shoots down all the bottles in one round scores fifteen points. If you don't drop all the bottles you get a point for each bottle thrown down.

Points are recorded on a sheet facilitating the score late in the game. At the end of the game, store your bowling set in a basket or a box so you can play with it again later.

What if you build your own special bowling set of with bottles of water, juice or yogurt for the whole family to play? Children will love the final result, have fun in the process, and cherish the toy they created themselves even more. To build this game you will need:

  • 10 bottles (yogurt, water or juice);
  • Dry beans or rice;
  • Newspapers or magazines;
  • Glue;
  • Paint;

Start by washing the bottles to remove traces of liquid. When the bottles are dry paint them or paste sheets of newspaper or magazine. If you prefer, decorate the bottles with socks or images of the child's favorite cartoon. Insert a little bit of dry beans or rice inside the bottles to ensure the balance of the bottles and to increase the difficulty of the game.When selecting the bottles take into consideration the size of the players and use big bottles for older children and small bottles for younger children.

This game is good to help children develop coordination, social skills like waiting for their turn, the importance of teamwork and also the importance of recycling.

Recommended age: 3+


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